Current Projects

To give to a specific project listed below, please designate the project name in your check memo line or in the "write a note" section over PayPal. We thank for your partnership in these Gospel endeavors!

When you are a missionary family, Mom and Dad are always in different locations!

We are in need of a town vehicle for Meaghan. Previously we have been renting a vehicle for her, but it has come to a point were she needs her own purchased vehicle. 

Town Car: $15,000

The Barbier's are Moving!

Whenever we return to Kenya in May of 2020, we will be searching for a new place to call "home." In this process, we will need to buy furniture (our previous house was furnished), pay moving expenses, and deposits. Thank you in advance for your partnership to help make this move as easy as possible!

 Moving Expenses: $14,000


This 40 lb backpack audio and video projection system equips the field worker to show the JESUS Film and address crowds of 1,500+ viewers. This system will be given to an indigenous missionary to reach out to unreached people groups sharing the story of the Gospel in native languages.

Equipment cost: $2,590

Motorbikes for Indigenous Missionaries

To take the Gospel further and faster, we have local missionaries who need motorbikes for transport. The motorbike serves as a mode of transport to reach people in their village. It also serves as a way for the missionaries to earn extra income for their families (i.e. using the motorbike as a taxi). 

Motorbike: $1,200

Driving School and Licensing: $110

1st Year Insurance: $90

Total Package: $1,400 (We have need of 5 bikes)

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