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Water Well in Northern Kenya

One of our partner churches in northern Kenya needs an overhaul on their water well. This well is the only one in the community, and the next source of water is 7km away. For the past 2 years, this well could not be used because of pump failure, even though the area is currently in extreme drought. We feel that once this well is operational again, there will be an intangible benefit to the people and livestock of this community!

Phase 1 (making the well operational: $13,835

Phase 2 (community distribution and vending system): $17,082

Phase 3 (commercial scale water treatment): $20,460


Motorbikes for Indigenous Missionaries

To take the Gospel further and faster, we have local missionaries who need motorbikes for transport. The motorbike serves as a mode of transportation to reach people in local villages. It also serves as a way for the missionaries to earn extra income for their families (i.e. using the motorbike as a taxi).

Motorbike: $1,200
Driving School and Licensing: $210
1st Year Insurance: $90
Total Package: $1,500 (1 bike needed)

Build a Church in Rural Kenya

There are many pastors we have identified who are already reaching their communities through church planting.  This donation helps build a new church or add on to an existing church in a rural community. 

Build an Indigenous Church: $3000

Support a Local Pastor: $900

Current Projects

To give to a specific project listed below, please designate the project name in your check memo line or in the "write a note" section over PayPal. We thank you for your partnership in these Gospel endeavors!

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Barbier Ministries, Inc.

PO. Box 5753

Shreveport, LA 71135

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